Your service is great.
Rev. W.J.B. Verified Review.

I am so glad I chose you!
Linda C. Verified Review.

Thank you so much. I am definitely impressed.
Zoya B. Verifed Review.

There! I just want to thank you for all that you've done for my Church!
S. F. Verified Review.

The site is absolutely beautiful! Great job!
Deborah S. Verified Review.

I would enjoy the opportunity to say thanks for your wonderful service.
Lisa M. Verified Review.

You lend renewed credibility and professionalism to my non-profit work. Touche!
Kristin W. Verified Review.

Thank you. It looks great!!!! I just wanted to thank you for such a great job. Kudos to your team!!!
Corazon K. Verified Review.

We are highly pleased with your work so far and thank you for your dedication and great customer service.
Bishop Mark M. Verified Review.

I want to thank you for providing excellent customer service. This is awesome. I am going to refer people over to ya!
Arthur M. Verified Review.

I have found your support to be excellent and tools to be in alignment with the needs of our sites. Thanks for all the support.
Eric F. Verified Review.

I have to say that you have bent over backwards to answer my endless questions ...I believe they're giving us our money's worth.
Becky B. Verified Review.

Our website, developed by you, is the best value for our organization and has received many positive comments from viewers. We couldn't be happier.
Jerry V. Verified Review.

I wanted to acknowledge and extend thanks for your support, and to let you know I’m very satisfied with the product and service.
Rich N. Verified Review.

I've just finished updating our web site to give it a fresh new look. I just LOVE the fact that I can change the design with a click of a button. Thank you!
Mary Beth F. Verified Review.

It looks great, and thanks for a job well done. My colleagues are also happy I chose your company over others, after they have seen the outcome.
Hussein I. Verified Review.

I have found your costs to be competitive, support to be excellent and tools to be in alignment with the needs of our sites. Thanks for all the support.
Eric W. Verified Review.

I am very pleased with the outcome. I want to thank you and your people for your persistence and skill to produce such a result. God Bless!
Tom S. Verified Review.

Good work. Thank you for your prompt help. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE HOW PLEASED I AM (WE ARE) WITH YOUR SERVICES. The program design is magnificent!
Geoff P. Verified Review.

Take care and thank you for your assistance. You all have just been so awesome and helpful. You truly have a heart for charities -- and their unusual ups and downs. Thanks for all you do!
Carol W. Verified Review.

Your team has been excellent throughout my entire experience with getting my website up and going. Thank you. Love the set up and the site looks great! Thank you!
Rayshun D. Verified Review.

Thank you for helping me. Your help is greatly appreciated. The new website looks great. I am sure that I will benefit from participating in that program. Thank you again for your wonderful help
Bob M. Verified Review.

You are a wonderful service and a non-profit org like myself need their service. Without you, I would have been lost not knowing how to create my site, so I appreciate them with all my heart.
Rose P. Verified Review.

Wow! You are a treasure! I am very pleased with the results. It is colorful and exciting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You can bet on it that I will be working with you for years to come.
Jessie G. Verified Review.

More Great Reviews!

I would like to say thank you, for assisting us in becoming part of the your family.

As a new nonprofit stumbling to find its foot hold on the net, [names of personnel withheld] knew exactly what we were trying to do along with the your extraordinary webmasters. With such help it was so easy to meet our expectations and potential to communicate to the millions of women across the world through creating our Foundation website. Thanks again, for a chance of a lifetime.
Russell R.
Verified Review

Our organization is fairly new to you and we love it!

Our school calendar and members only sections seemed to be the most visited areas on our site. The member’s only login area - being a secured portion - has been very beneficial and helpful to our preschool - we are able to upload the general board minutes, handbook, school calendar, permission slips, and the monthly class calendars! You will be VERY pleased with the website that you will help our organization build.
Cyndi K.
Verified Review

Our organization has been in existence for over five years. This is the first time that we have had an opportunity to have a professional website placed on the Internet.

Thanks to you, we have received numerous compliments about the website. I look forward to getting more visibility and donations, in the upcoming year and hopefully in future years, because of your great customer service and expertise. Thank you so very much.
Debra A. W.
Verified Review

I just want to take the time to express appreciation for your service.

We were having such a hard time trying to get our website looking professional. Your service was recommended by a business in Memphis, TN. We are pleased with the work you've done and the follow-up.Your instructions are detailed and user friendly. I have recommended you to two organizations thus far. Thanks and we will be keeping in touch.
Dianne C.
Verified Review

I wanted to send you an update on our new website. It is fabulous! The Trustees and Staff Members were so pleased with the end result!

Your team did a wonderful job helping us with the basic set up and design. Moreover, your phone call provided important tips on creating a website that is eye catching. I am grateful for the ease of which it takes to make changes! It is so cost effective compared to other quotes that we received for a similar service. I would highly recommend you to others. Thank you for the time that you took to talk with us throughout the project. We have had many compliments already!
Joyce H.
Verified Review

Thank you for providing us with outstanding customer consultative services.

You really took the time to understand our requirements and to recommend the best solution for our organization. Specifically, you provided consultative recommendations that enabled me to have confidence in you and your company to proceed with our website. We spoke to several web developer companies. The key difference maker was your ability to provide a outstanding knowledge of the products and the value of your company. I would highly recommend you to other nonprofit organizations. It was a delightful experience working with you. Thank you.
Ron G.
Verified Review

You have allowed me to take control of our image and our message. I was able to reduce our budget expenses for web site maintenance by 80%.

The user interface kept my learning curve much lower than if I had to do all the design work myself. I can update the site constantly as news and politics change. The “members only page” allows me to post board related materials before each Association meeting so that I don’t clutter everyone’s inbox with attachments. I would recommend you to any nonprofit trying to save time and money on their web Internet presence.
Laurel W.
Verified Review

My experience with your fine Folks has been great and very impactive for our ministry. They have provided a huge opportunity for us is many different ways.

I would truly recommend their services to all that desire to go to a new level whether in the professional or personal arena. I can honestly say that because of their highly skilled staff and current technology we are able to reach many more people with a message of hope. Thank you for all you do. It will be the best choice you have ever made towards communicating with simplicity.
Scott M.
Verified Review

We are recommending you to all of our fellow charities!

We are so thankful for you. As a non-profit with limited funds, over the years we have had many people who volunteered to set up and maintain our web page. It seems that we would go through the grueling task of educating them on what we wanted; only to have them start the job, but never totally complete it. Last year we decided that we had to pay someone to get it done right. We hired a firm for $1,000 and gave them major advertising at our Annual Fund Raisers, only to have it ¾ done. When we asked what it would cost to complete it, we were told it would be another $1,500-2,000. We learned about you and contacted them immediately. In less than two weeks, our web page was up and functional. We still have new options that are available to us that we want to access, but for the first time in about 7 years, we have a functional web site and at a price that is great. Today it is critical for non-profits to have a good web site, especially if they are applying for grants. 
Nancy F.
Verified Review

You have been of tremendous assistance to me!

You made it possible for us to develop our first website during the organization's start-up phase, and continued to provide advice and assistance in promoting this new organization working with low-income fathers and families. I called on you to assist in developing two other special websites promoting major efforts of our Federation. You were of particular help in the rapid creation of one of our websites as part of our response to the mental health consequences of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami that occurred in December 2004. Your support for non-governmental organizations like ours is essential to the work that such organizations accomplish in helping others in time of need.
Preston G.
Verified Review

Bravo for a fabulous website that I am so proud of because of your diligence.

I contacted your company last month to have a non-profit website built for our nonprofit organization. Your Webmaster Department helped to coordinate my ideas, text, photos, newspaper articles, etc with one of your web designers. In my mind, I knew what I wanted but couldn’t get my concept understood. Unfortunately, I was a graphic designer many years ago, which influences me. The Webmaster Department went above & beyond the call of duty. They would often email me late at night, on the weekends and even when they went on a weekend get-a-way. They worked so hard to please me. I do not remember ever working with such an experienced person/designer that I could rely on so much. They would always get back to me within minutes. 
Penny M.
Verified Review

We would not trust this work of the Lord to anyone other than you. They are the best!

We were introduced to you via an electronic newsletter by a popular nonprofit publication. My Pastor and I viewed their website and decided to give it a whirl. We are a small assembly, but want to broadcast the Good News to a larger base. Through that site, we developed relationships with people of the true faith in the Philippines and Nigeria, as well as from across the country. We developed prayer circles, shared praise reports and formed a Bible Questions section. When we joined another church three years ago, we took down our site because our new church already had one. Now, we are back on our own and the first thing we did was to contact you to start a new website. The staff is caring and concerned that you are satisfied with your site as well as their service. Their webmaster is busy working on our new site now and we can hardly wait. 
Pastor Howard
Verified Review

I am totally pleased with the website designed by your staff.

It is user friendly, functional, sleek and tasteful. I have had many comments on it (all to the good :) of course). I would highly recommend this site for any other non-profit groups struggling to start. You can't match this service anywhere else, you get a lot of quality for a little cost; every dime is well worth it.
Kaylene W.
Verified Review

This would never have happened without you. It truly is an Advantage that the Lord has blessed us with!

We began with a slim budget and a prayer that someday we would have a web site. You gave us that opportunity and with their gracious and patient assistance, we succeeded in developing a site that has exploded throughout our country and the world! This web site was a major component of our becoming known internationally. Calls are coming in from all over the country from those that want to partnership with us. 
Rick M.
Verified Review

Thank you so much for your help! You guys have been fantastic in the way you have handled our account. You have been very patient with us.

You have developed the website from your end exactly the way we asked you to. Your tech support is fabulous. And I know the best is yet to come! We have a lot to learn, but we’re getting better and we’re not going to stop until we are able to do all we want to do with that website. Thanks again so very much. I’m looking forward to a fruitful partnership with you guys.
Laurie T.
Verified Review

I am so thankful for the devotion you have given us in the creation of such a wonderful website! You have gone above, and truly beyond, in what you have done for us!

I am so appreciative of the personal training our assigned webmaster has given. I totally trust his opinion! May God continue to bless your organization. The commitment you give to your mission is quite evident. I have become an ambassador for you, directing other churches in the Baltimore, MD area to your most impressive, sincere, services.
Angie P.
Verified Review

Your web hosting and website building/maintenance program has made it simple and easy to build and update our website.

We are a small non-profit organization with no information technology personnel. I update the calendar and documents on our site almost daily with very little effort.This function has made our operations more efficient and has proven very useful to our community partners and the clients we serve.
Susan M.
Verified Review

I can say that you are all that it advertised to be.

It allowed me the tools to present the expansion project of our organization in a professional form. Everyone now can access the information in entirety and with easy access saving us the money and effort of brochures and the task of reaching everyone. Thank you for making it easy for us and giving us the tools at such a small fee and God Bless.
Helmi S.
Verified Review

We have been using you for several years now and are very satisfied with the service.

There are probably many features we have yet to learn how to use so our website is still "evolving”. There have been huge upgrades since we first started with the service.I tell people about you at every opportunity. I must also say how great the support staff is... I love you guys. Keep up the great work!
Pat C.
Verified Review

Thanks again for the new web site for our Society.

It is up and running now, although we still need to add some of the other enhancements like PayPal and contact information. Have gotten lots of nice comments about the design, etc. I found it easy to update also, although I have only tried simple things so far. Thanks again for all your help and for making this opportunity available to us.
Steve B.
Verified Review

I wanted to say thank you for providing such wonderful and patience assistance. You are courteous and knowledgable.

Thank you for your professionalism and understanding the importance of our website/domain information. It is nice to know we are in such great hands and I will happily recommend your services to non-profit companies that ask my opinion (even if they don't ask). Thanks again.
Sandy P.
Verified Review

We do thank you for your support and for being there for us.

You have opened a door for our nonprofit so others may learn what we do. It's important to know that we are at a time in our lives where all safety issues are important. Our school children must be taught on all levels of safety, such as disaster safety, terrorism safety, health safety, play safety, and others.
Mattie S.
Verified Review

WOW! Thanks so very much! It looks wonderful! Your team does amazing work!

We LOVE the work you and your team have done. In fact, I was showing off our website to friends and colleagues yesterday and a couple with their own non-profits will be redoing their websites with you. Thanks so very much! We couldn't be happier!
Serita C.
Verified Review

Thank you all again for your help and really caring about your customers and their needs.

And thank you and your staff so much for all you have done. I know this is your job, but this is going to help me to reach so many more visitors with a site that now has everything. You handled everything I conveyed to you and it is beautiful.
Elaine C.
Verified Review

Thanks, we could not have done it without you.

Our small nonprofit community foundation began using your website services a year ago. We were very inexperienced with building websites and the easy of using the tools available through you gave us the opportunity to put up a professional looking website in very little time.
Nita S.
Verified Review

We have enjoyed the professional look and the versatility of the your website offering.

It is also so very easy to update on our own, that we've been able to be very creative in the presentation of our pages and links. Thank you, for your technological support, as well.
Beverly C.
Verified Review

WOW!!! Outstanding job!!

I love what your company has done and many, many thanks! I am so appreciative for your patience and everything else you have done for me with the setting up of this website. I am looking forward to working with you and other staff in the near future.
Denise G.
Verified Review

This is a wonderful service, and a non-profit org like me needs their service.

Without them I would have been lost not knowing how to create my site, so I appreciate them with all my heart. You provide a much-needed service to the nonprofit community. We have benefited from their dedication to true values.
Angela W.
Verified Review

I want to say thank you to you for the website that you have built for me.

It is actually more than you promised. It is awesome and the support has been great. My site is live now, and very useful. I pray blessings on you for your gift to me and the organization.
Jack M.
Verified Review

Thank you for all the work your team has been doing.

Your organization is fabulous. I have referred another nonprofit to you. We are extremely happy with the results. Our hats off to you. Thank you so much.
Lynn W.
Verified Review

All I could say was "Oh My God" is it simply beautiful.

I really like it. I cannot wait to show it to the Pastor and the board of directors; we have been trying to get to this level for the last five years. Thanks so much for your help.
Brenda J.
Verified Review

I would recommend you to anyone.

ou make possible a professional website without the bother of learning technical knowledge... or the burden of upkeep. When questions arise the IT support is excellent.
David P.
Verified Review



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