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Beautiful Mobile Ready Website Designs for Nonprofits.

Getting a new website for your nonprofit is so easy. Our professional designers will build your site at no extra cost.

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Enjoy total design freedom.

Just drag and drop. It's that simple.

We'll build your new site for you and make the entire process fast and easy. Once your new website is online, website management is simple with the CharityAdvantage Modular Design Platform. It's more customizable than any template-based system yet easier to use. Our system also offers so many options for page layouts. Every time you add a new page to your site, you will choose from our library of designs or quickly create your own using our huge selection of pre-designed layouts that just drop right into your page. Editing and designing pages is so easy, and you don't need any design or special technical skills.

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Add online donations with one click.

Raise more money with online fundraising.

You have the power and flexibility to create dynamic giving forms in minutes and start processing payments today. Design one form for all your online giving or use multiple forms unique to every campaign. Create custom donation forms for social fundraising and drive your fans to your site to help you raise more money. Take advantage of a complete system that gives you control over all your fundraising forms in one easy interface with more features and real results. Use our sophisticated custom form builder for event registrations, volunteers, members, and more. Store donor and contact information in your own online database. Use mobile and social to engage supporters and raise more money.

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One low monthly fee.

Everything in one easy package including support.

CharityAdvantage is a fully professional website and fundraising system for only $35 per month. There are no setup fees, hidden costs, or any other fees paid to us. There are no signed contracts and you can cancel anytime. We also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Thousands of nonprofits have used CharityAdvantage to manage their web presence and online fundraising while retaining their valuable budget dollars for program use. We're also available for live support without additional costs. We’ll answer questions, consult on anything related to nonprofits and the web, and guide you through any process. Our goal is your success.

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Thousands of nonprofits have relied on our web services
to get their ideas online and raise more money.

Your Service is Great.
Rev W.J.B. Verified Review.


I am so glad I chose you!
Linda C. Verified Review.


Thank you so much. I am definitely impressed.
Zora B. Verified Review.


The site is absolutely beautiful! Great job!
Deborah S. Verified Review.


I would enjoy the opportunity to say thanks for your wonderful service.
Lisa M. Verified Review.


You lend renewed credibility and professionalism to my non-profit work. Touche!
Kristin W. Verified Review.


Thank you. It looks great!!!! I just wanted to thank you for such a great job. Kudos to your team!!!
Corazon K. Verified Review.

We are highly pleased with your work so far and thank you for your dedication and great customer service.
Bishop Mark M. Verified Review.

I want to thank you for providing excellent customer service. This is awesome. I am going to refer people over to ya!
Arthur M. Verified Review.

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One Package. One Price!
$35 per Month Includes Everything.


● Custom website built by our designers

● Fast web hosting with the latest security

● Marketing tools including Search Engine Optimization

● Advanced website management that's simple to use

● 400 mobile-friendly customizable page layouts and designs

● Build custom designs with endless possibilities

● Add images, videos, calendars, social media, & maps

● Online donations system integrated into your website

● Add payment processing in one click and no extra costs

● Create fundraisers for social, web, email, & mobile

● Form builder for events, volunteers, contacts, & fundraising

● CRM online database to manage your data & create reports

● Live expert support with our nonprofit consultants

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Frequently Asked Questions

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CharityAdvantage costs $35 per month with no other fees. We are well known for offering tremendous value to nonprofits. We don't think you will find any provider that offers all our specialized software and services for this cost.


There are no additional costs paid to us for anything. You only pay the $35 monthly fee. There are no setup fees, hidden costs, or any other costs paid to us. You can save thousands of dollars and get everything in one place for one low price.


We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, we're happy to provide a 100% refund. Since we build your site with no setup fees, signing up at CharityAdvantage is risk free.


We build a customized, professional, mobile-ready website for your nonprofit without any additional cost. Our design team has built thousands of nonprofit websites are and are waiting to help. You can save thousands of dollars and have your new website, site management, fundraising, and support all in one place.


After you make your payment, you'll receive a Getting Started email with instructions for providing everything we need to build your new website. Just follow our simple guidelines and when you have about 30 minutes, you’ll prepare a quick document that has everything that we need to build your new site. For site content, you can either give us new content or point us to an existing web page to copy content from. We'll follow any specific instructions that you have so that we can build a highly professional site for you in about 14 days or less.


Most nonprofits that use CharityAdvantage had an existing website before. We can easily migrate page content including text and images from your existing site. You will direct us to that content and we'll integrate it into a beautiful new design. You can also provide edits to existing content and send us the new text and new images. We'll work all of it into your new web pages so you can have a brand new site with the exact content you need.


We build your new website in about 14 days or less. Since most custom web designers average 51 days to complete a project and most do-it-yourself websites are completed in about 65 days, our 14-day time frame is extremely fast.


We have a proven system for making this as easy as possible. Most users take about 15-45 minutes to give us everything we need to build your new site. We suggest you budget about 30 minutes. This is a very small amount of time to invest in getting a new website. Just follow our simple instructions and then visit our Live Chat to submit your information. We’ll review your project and answer any questions you may have.


You don't need any technical skills to manage your new site. Just log in and use our tools and features to edit and format content, add new pages, change design elements, and so much more. Our extensive Knowledge Base is commonly used as an expert learning center where you can tap into the advanced functions of CharityAdvantage. Access our live support when you need help.


You can use CharityAdvantage to build a donation landing page to send your supporters such as a “Donate Now” page. You can build one central donation page for all your online donations, or build multiple pages to send supporters from different fundraising campaigns like social media. This is a fully scalable fundraising system that grows as your nonprofit grows.


You can build fundraising campaigns for any purpose, such as ongoing Facebook and Twitter campaigns, email, mobile, web, and more. You add and delete campaigns as you need them. Run multiple campaigns at the same time to optimize all your fundraising efforts and leverage your supporter base.


Login to your CharityAdvantage and access all your campaign and constituent data. Add & edit records, do advanced searches, run reports, and study charts & graphs. Analyze your campaigns, find your best donors, and use our CRM to increase fundraising revenue.


We don't charge anything for payment processing. You will get a free PayPal account (or use your existing one) and connect your CharityAdvantage fundraising forms to your PayPal account with one click. PayPal process your user’s credit/debit cards and we don't charge any additional fees. PayPal only charges 2.2% and $.30 to qualified nonprofits (2.9% for "businesses").


We don't earn anything from your donations. We don't take a "percent", nor do we receive any commissions or referral fees. For donations, we don't earn anything from your organization or from your donors in any way.


We have a Knowledge Base and Support Videos. Our knowledge base is image-based so you can quickly see the steps needed to get your task handled. For videos, we have a very large library of over 200 support videos that can guide you through most of the tools and features of CharityAdvantage. Many videos are less than two minutes so that you can find answers quickly.


We offer live support 40 hours per week during business hours and are available to assist you with any questions. There are no additional costs for our support. Just login to your account and connect with us in seconds. For after hours support, our extensive support center quickly answers most questions that don't require live interaction.


We support your entire organization with anything that relates to our services. That includes your website and your use of our fundraising system. We are available to answer questions and consult as you need. Our team is very friendly, professional and highly skilled in online success for nonprofits.


We started in Pennsylvania and opened our first West Coast office in the early 2000's. San Diego has become our national office. We have been online for 20 years and look forward to serving you.

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All CharityAdvantage users are now on brand new super-fast servers.

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Constituent reporting was just upgraded with even better snapshots and details of constituent activity through all your campaigns.


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