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Generate Revenue with Online Donations, Pay Pal Integrated & Ready!
With over 500 billion dollars donated world wide in the in 2014, donating online is now the primary choice for donors. If your website does not take donations online, you are missing out big time! Every contribution that is made at this very instance to a cause similar to yours, is going to another nonprofit!

It is absolutely essential that your website has an online donations form. Gone are the days of the simple "Donate Now" button. It has been proven time and time again that donors are far less likely to make a donation if the process happens off your site.

Our system provides you with a fully customizable donations form that plugs right into your website. When a donor submits a donation, that information is then recorded into your Donor Database, while Pay Pal processes the payment. It's that simple!
Increase Revenue with a Powerful Donor Management Database!
Any introductory business course will tell you that the first sale is always the hardest. Once you have establish that "Trust Factor", subsequent sales become easier and easier. People who have donated to your cause before are also much more likely to donate again, so it is smart stay in touch with them.

Time and time again, we see nonprofits spend the vast majority of their office resources going after new donors, while not keeping in touch with those who have already given. Although marketing to potential donors is important, it is essential that you continue to keep in close touch with your current donors. Revenue from existing donors will always be a significant portion of your overall revenue base!

Our Donor Management Database provides you with all the essential tools that cater to the most important donors, your existing donors!
We Build You a Custom Website. Choose From Over 4,000 Designs!
Yes, we have Certified Web Designers ready to build your nonprofit a custom website at no charge! With over 4,000 designs that you can select from and our expert customization, we can assure that your new website will be professional and beautiful. Since we build your site at no cost, you also save at least $2,500 in Web Design fees too!

After working with thousands of customers, we noticed that they often think a "Good" website is the same as a "Good Looking" website. While some website companies employ graphic artists to try build their customers a good looking website, the truth is, graphic artists lack the skill & knowledge that our Certified Web Designers have to build you a "Good" website.

A nonprofit website is much more than flashy banners and pretty pictures. There are methodologies behind good website development, a work-flow, a usability mechanism that gets people to act or react the way you want them to. Just ask APPLE how important Design & Usability is!
Connect to the Global Network and Acquire New Constituents!
The world today is run off the Global Network. For the last 15 years, some of the largest companies have struggled hard to adapt to this new medium, and one of the primary reasons is because the web has significantly leveled the playing field for everyone.

You often hear small tech companies become a multi-billion dollar powerhouses almost overnight. Tech companies are successful at accomplishing this because they know how to live on the Global Network. You need to know how to live on the Global Network!

The best way to connect with potential constituents is through effective campaigning. If you are not currently doing this, then we can certainly help. Our system sets your nonprofit up with a powerful Online Campaign Manager. Using our Fully Customizable Form Builder, create campaigns for potential Donors, Volunteers, Members, & Subscribers.

Have a special event you want to promote? Create a campaign for that too.
Essential Tools to Create Many Revenue Generating Ideas!
The web is a great place to connect with all sorts of people. This opens up opportunities to create many revenue generating ideas for each of those demographic groups.

So are you currently maximizing your revenue creating potential? Perhaps you have the knowledge but lack the tools. Tiger Woods isn't very good without his golf clubs!

With our Powerful E-Commerce Solution, we offer you the tools that will open the doors to new revenue generating opportunities.

Have an event coming up and need to sell some tickets? Perhaps your nonprofit has some merchandise to sell, or you just need subscribers to your new Online Magazine.

Our Online Store & Inventory Management System can do all that. It's Pay Pal integrated and ready to go!

Is It About That Time to Send Out a Donation Request to All Your Donors?
How about a quick email blast to your entire list? With our Bulk eMailer, you can do just that and do it easily. Send out donation requests, fundraiser invitations, event registrations and much more with a click of a button!

Fully connected to your database, you can also send out an email to your list of donors, volunteers, members, or your entire list. While sending emails to your individual segments like donors is important, always remember to send to your entire list often letting them know of your accomplishments and needs.

A great tool to use with your volunteer database. Have an upcoming volunteer need? Blast out an email to your volunteer list or even your entire list!

You might even think of more ways to use this Powerful Tool to generate new and recurring revenue!
Still logging into to multiple providers to manage your donors, website, campaigns, bulk emails?
CharityAdvantage has the most features of any service in one integrated system! No technical experience needed and includes full support.
Professional website built by our team
Over 4,000 web designs to select from
Each design customized to your needs
Easy to use editor to manage your pages
Mobile friendly environment
Online donations system
Donor database management
Donor receipts and acknowledgments
Custom forms for events, volunteers & more
Database for all your custom forms
Photo galleries
Online store with full shopping cart
Events management and online calendar
Accept credit card payments online
Fast web hosting
Top security for your data
Survey polls
Discussion forum
Latest news & events
RSS newsfeed for the latest news
Website search
Group login to secure pages
Search engine optimization
Mailing list subscriptions
Contact forms
Mass email system
Audio management
Video management
Social media connections
Live streaming
Database reporting
Cloud-based document management
Fast, friendly support
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Learn more about the incredible features included in the CharityAdvantage service at no extra cost
New Custom Website to Brand Your Organization
Online Donations to Increase Your Funding
Mass Emailer to Build Awareness and Receive More Funding
Cloud Technology to Manage Files and Documents
Mobile Technology to Connect With Your Users Anytime
E-Commerce to Receive Credit/Debit Card Payments Online
Group Defined Secure Pages to Offer Login Permissions
Secure Hosting to Safeguard Your Data
Expert Support to Save You Time
Easy to Use Web Editor to Keep Your Content Fresh
Database to Manage Your Donors and Contacts
Events Management and Online Calendar to Increase Participation
Social Media Connections to Get More Traffic and Donations
Custom Form Builder to Collect Valuable Information
Search Engine Optimization to Get More Qualified Traffic
Advanced Plug-ins to Add More Interactivity
One Provider to Make it Easy
We know you need More than what you have now. CharityAdvantage helps you get...
More donors...for more new & recurring revenue
More volunteers...who are engaged in your mission
More contacts...who want to learn more about you
More responsive mass emails...with more clicks to your website
More cloud...because technology is always improving
More event attendees...with more paying online
More web your search engine optimized web pages
More social media...with more active connections
More new members...and more paying member renewals online
More time...because managing a nonprofit web platform should be easy
More data...with your web database growing every day
More polished you can show the world your best
More growth potential...because your growth has no limits
More you and your web users can always connect
More peace of mind...because CharityAdvantage is always there for you
New Custom Website to Brand Your Organization

Media is getting more complex and users expect more from your nonprofit website as you compete for their valuable time and attention. We build you a very professional website customized to your needs and based on our 4,000+ website design library. The customization includes innovative banner graphics that brand your organization and quickly tell your visitors who you are and what you do.

However, we always have to remember that after a few seconds, the design no longer the same value. It is your effective content, our advanced interactive features, and an action oriented web page that will make your site a great success. If you want more volunteers, a page for them to learn more is not enough. A quick volunteer form asking for more information on that same page is what you need to create a contact that could last for many years. With CharityAdvantage, your beautiful nonprofit web design will make a positive first impression and the interactive and database management tools will make your site more effective.

Online Donations to Increase Your Funding

How much money have you earned online in the last five years? Without an industry standard fundraising form right on your donation page and ready to engage your donors and give them immediate interactivity, you have already lost their interest and their support. It can happen that fast. Donors don’t like to click. They like to donate. We make it easy for them.

Your new donations page becomes your portal to online funding. You can raise funds for all your campaigns and appeals in one place. As you send mass emails and use social media connections to drive traffic to this page, your fundraising success begins. Your donors want to support you but they need to learn of your needs (donor education), understand how their funding solves problems (donor empowerment) and make their giving decision (donor action). Our online donations system is designed with the intelligence you need to succeed in the competition for donor funds.

Mass Emailer to Build Awareness and Receive More Funding

The marketing method with the highest response rate is email and mass email multiplies the effect. With your website database collecting email addresses of those joining your mailing list, contacting you with questions, making donations, and using your custom forms like events, volunteers and more, you now have a base to grow your organization through effective mass email communication.

Our mass emailer allows you to send compelling emails with relevant subjects to segments of your list or your entire list with one click. You must tell the world about your work, its success, and the impact it is making and do it often. Nonprofits don’t stand still. Your constituents need to hear about how you are moving forward, solving problems, and achieving success. Then they are ready to donate knowing that their valuable dollars are being used to generate more success.

Cloud Technology to Manage Files and Documents

Sharing files and documents is easy using our cloud based technology. Uploading audio, video, and other documents such as PDF’s can be done on a daily basis and it can offer you the ability to collaborate with other team members.

Many of our users create Secure Pages (explained below) and use the Cloud to share information with particular groups that require a login. You can share information with members, volunteers, staff, board members and more. You can also share information with just one person. For example, if you needed to share sensitive data with one person, you could upload the data to the cloud, and only the assigned person could have access.

Mobile Technology to Connect With Your Users Anytime

You may be using a mobile device right now to view our site. We expect that many of your web users will be using mobile as well. Your new website will be mobile friendly for their ease of viewing as well as completing transactions such as online donations, event registrations, volunteer forms, etc.

You may also use a mobile device to log into your CharityAdvantage account and use some of the features and tools. Our system is designed for the latest mobile technologies and works on all mobile platforms.

E-Commerce to Receive Credit/Debit Card Payments Online

We have a complete online donation system for donors, but perhaps you need to sell products online or collect payments for events, renewals or more.

Our online store and shopping cart can handle two products or several hundred. Inventory, sales tax, and shipping are just a few of its many features. For other transactions such as membership payments or event registrations, you can use our custom form builder to create your form and then connect it to a payment processor for credit/debit card payments.

Group Defined Secure Pages to Offer Login Permissions

Some organizations have the need to offer login permissions to certain groups so the group can see information that only pertains to them. Our system allows you to create unlimited groups and manage the login information for each user.

You can then add web pages specific to each group and offer each group their own unique web experience. You can even have users log into an entire portal of secure web pages that only they can view with its own menu and “home” page.

Secure Hosting to Safeguard Your Data

We often wonder why some hosting companies use budget servers. CharityAdvantage always uses the fastest servers with latest technology.

Our engineers monitor our systems 24/7 and our hosting environment uses all the industry standard security protocols to insure your data safety. Our backup procedures are timely and thorough.

Easy to Use Web Editor to Keep Your Content Fresh

Your website is your message and a main marketing channel to your constituents. With a fast changing world of content and information, it is critical that you keep your site fresh and timely. Managing your website is simple with our sophisticated web editor.

Based on an easy to use Microsoft Office platform with familiar tools and icons, your web content is right where you need it – in front of you ready for edits and exciting content. No technical skills or web design experience are needed and support is always available.

Database to Manage Your Donors and Contacts

Most businesses rely on data for success and the field of marketing is largely based on this. Nonprofits must be competitive marketers as well and this means intelligent communications, mass emailing, digital fundraising and more. Unfortunately, most nonprofits do not have the budgets for a website that also has a database collecting information from all their interactive forms online. As a matter of fact, less than 1% of all nonprofits are using database technology and those that do are investing a lot of money in those systems.

CharityAdvantage includes a powerful database management system at no extra cost. You will find incredible value in this added feature, and come to rely on it in many areas of your nonprofit’s administration. Our database system collects information, in a highly secure hosting environment, from all the forms that are on your website including “Join Our List” (can be on every page), “Contact Us” (can be on every page), “Donate Now” (one page, one form), and “Custom Forms” (with unlimited possibilities like events, applications, volunteers, memberships, and more). Use CharityAdvantage as your database manager by logging into your account and interact with your records, and/or export the data to your own internal systems, and/or send out mass email to different segments or everyone in your database.

Events Management and Online Calendar to Increase Participation

Calendars are a popular form of website interactivity. If your organization posts events on a calendar your users will find it easy to learn more about them and take action. Our system enables you to enter the time, date, location, and full description for all your events. If you have a dedicated web page for a particular event, you can insert a link into your calendar description.

If you need a form so attendees can register for an event, you can use our custom form feature to build the form to your exact requirements and then edit it anytime. Connect your form to ecommerce credit/debit cards using our system. With full database connectivity of all online forms, you will also have records of all attendees and be able to send mass email to them as a segment using our mass emailer. From posting an event on a calendar to sending out mass email to attendees, our system has everything you need to manage your event including information, registration, payment, and email communication.

Social Media Connections to Get More Website Traffic and Donations

Facebook, You Tube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others all serve a unique purpose but your website is the only main digital portal into your nonprofit.

Sending traffic to your website from social media sites can be one of their main purposes since once users are on your site there is much more to do. They can also connect with other social media through your site using links, icons, plug-ins, and feeds. Your site will always be the center of your web world and can serve as a central source of your social media.

Custom Form Builder to Collect Valuable Information

Sometimes you need a custom form built to your exact needs and the ability to change it at any time. Our form builder offers that advanced capability and also connects to your database so all your information is saved.

Custom forms are perfect for applications, registrations, volunteers, employees, members, etc. You can have as many custom forms as you want with each one connecting to a different segment in your database. This offers you the features of interacting, exporting, and/or mass emailing any segment any time.

Search Engine Optimization to Get More Qualified Traffic

You need qualified traffic to your website from Google and other search engines. Users need relevant information about your website displayed on search engines to know if a click should take place. We can help you generate that traffic to your site.

Every web page can be optimized for search engines with the exact Page Title, Page Description and Keywords so the intelligent connection can be made. That means that your Volunteer page can be optimized to recruit those searching specifically for “volunteers” both in your “geographic area” and in your “area of service”.

Advanced Plug-ins to Add More Interactivity

If you need to post photos on your nonprofit website our latest photo gallery software will impress your website users.

Other plug-ins include our popular discussion forums, survey polls, mini calendars, what’s new postings, national news based on topic, mailing list forms, and more.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Expert Support to Save You Time

Even though our system is easy to use, there may be times when you have a question and require support. Our highly trained staff has many years of experience in our technology and understands your needs. Because we offer so many features and each one has so many options, most questions revolve around functionality.

Users ask questions like “Can I put more than one event on a calendar day”, “Can I edit the donation’s acknowledgement email that is sent after my donor completes the form”, and so many more. The usual answer is “Yes”.

One Provider to Make it Easy

CharityAdvantage is a full service provider for nonprofits and our entire system is fully integrative. Modules communicate with each other and advanced intelligence is built into the entire system which we support.

Many users who come to us have a web host, a web company (because they can’t edit their own site), a donations provider, a mass email provider, a calendar or events provider and more. With CharityAdvantage as your digital partner, we bring all those pieces together in one easy to use service that gives you support in one place. Your time is valuable and we make it easier for you to manage your web solution.


Our normal cost of $39.95 per month has been reduced to $29.95 per month. Your payment of $29.95 includes all services with no setup fees or any other costs. Your rate will never go up. Prefer to save more? Pay for 6 months or longer now and your lower your monthly costs.

Term Monthly Cost Discount Pay Today
1 Month $29.95 25% $29.95
6 Months $27.95 30% $167.70 (6 x $27.95)
12 Months $22.95 43% $275.40 (12 x $22.95)
24 Months $19.95 50% $478.80 (24 x $19.95)
36 Months $15.95 60% $574.20 (36 x $15.95)

Your costs will never go up. If you pay for 6 months or longer, you can continue to save in the future by renewing at the same rate or by choosing a lower-cost plan. These prices will always be available to you because of our "no price increase" guarantee.

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CharityAdvantage Enters 14th Year and Maintains A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

San Diego, CA, March 10, 2014. CharityAdvantage announced today that after it received the BBB (Better Business Bureau) online accreditation many years ago, they have maintained their Grade A+ rating while providing excellent service to their customers. CharityAdvantage said "The BBB accreditation and the A+ rating reflect our long term commitment to quality and service. Customers can feel good knowing that in our 14 years online, we have always conducted business in a most ethical manner and also meeting the BBB Code Of Business Practices.

According to the accreditation, the "Better Business Bureau has determined that CharityAdvantage met BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any customer complaints."

Factors that have maintained the rating for CharityAdvantage include:

CharityAdvantage has a long history of serving our customers and encouraging good business practices, and we're pleased to maintain our Grade A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. To learn more about the BBB Code of Business Practices, including building trust, advertising honestly, telling the truth, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding privacy, and embodying integrity, please click here